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Music is in the air
I’ll show you the best places to visit in Hamburg.

Musical city tour through Hamburg

Join me on a tour of Hamburg and experience the mix of cultures, religions and classical music. 

Hamburg. This is the unmistakable sound of ship's horns in the port of Hamburg.

This is the sound of the carillon at the memorial of St. Nicolas in the city centre.

These are the songs of Hans Albers and the trumpet playing of the Türmers vom großen Michel.

There's music in the air. And all the more in Hamburg with such a long tradition of music.

Hamburg, this is where Germany's first public opera was opened.

Classical music has accompanied me since childhood, so therefore I chose to specialize in tours about classical music. Singing has always given me pleasure. My first experience with solo pieces was in the choir. Now, as a cantor, I regularly accompany the service in a Hamburg church parish.

Of course, my city walks are not ONLY about music. As for music, I have developed my own musical city walk.

Yet all my city tours of Hamburg have a musical touch.

What does the St. Georg district sound like?

In the trendy district, the sounds of street musicians in the railway station mix with the church bells of Trinity Church and St. Mary's Cathedral. The prayer rituals of the mosques and the gatherings in the bazaars have their own sound, as do the chants of the Sihk community in the district. Together with the sounds of the street, this is a very special sound potpourri.

My next city walks

Hamburg city walks are all about telling stories of the people who shaped Hamburg

I have always been interested in the history and life of the people living in Hamburg, no matter whether they were dockworkers, merchants or artists. What they created and how they changed life and living in Hamburg for the better through their cultural and social commitment - that's what I want to show you on my tours.

Musical city walks in Hamburg

My great passion is music and singing. As a choir singer and cantor in a Hamburg church parish, singing is a matter close to my heart. On my musical tour, we will not only walk in the footsteps of the composers who shaped Hamburg. I will also give you musical samples. It is a pleasure for me to tell you more about the history of Hamburg's classical music.

Music is in the air: Musical city walk

Music is in the air. Here's some details about my musical city tour.


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